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    When IBCO Tech Founded in the Market ?

    IBCO Tech established in 2012 to provide high level Software Solutions for Middle East and North Africa region and help companies and corporations to improve their productivity and efficiency of work.

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    How Long is the Support Period for IT Software Contracts?

    IBCO Tech normally provides six months support warranty for their software products. The clients has to sign separate SLA contracts if they would like to go for more support period.

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    Is IBCO Team Ready to Provide High Level Training ?

    Software Solutions and products provided by IBCO  include both functional and technical training for the clients staff through our professional team and work closely with them to confirm they are  ready and able to use and manage the Software easily and smoothly.

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    Can the RedHat System Fits Any Type of Retail Business ?

    RedHat Software is an executive Software solution designed specially for small and medium retail business (e.g Supermarkets , Pharmacies, Shops ..etc) to covers their Point of Sale, Inventory, Purchased and Accounts processes. It helps to keep business running smoothly and efficiently.

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    Is IBCO Ready to Execute Projects in MENA Region ?

    IBCO Tech has executive international partners and will be ready to provide and implement IT Solutions in the Middle East and North African region and provide the necessary support.

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    What is Support Level IBCO Tech can Provide ?

    IBCO Tech can provide technical support at the functional level and technical level for their clients and fix any bugs. Support normally online through the internet, but on-side is also possible if required by the client.

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    Can IBCO Tech Develop Dynamic Website with Multi-Languages ?

    IBCO Tech works with international team who is ready to handle and execute Enterprise E-commerce Solutions and Dynamic Websites projects with multi languages based on the customers requirements.

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    Can IBCO Tech Provide Hardware Solutions ?

    IBCO Tech is specialized on Software Solutions, but we have local and international partners who will be ready to supply Hardware, Network Cabling and Equipment and very competitive prices as per the client request.

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    How IBCO Tech Team Provide Support To Customers ?

    IBCO Tech technical team normally provide first level support to the customers online and through phone calls. The team can provide on-site visit if required. Our partners team can also provide second level support when necessary.

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    Is the Support Contracts Covers the New Versions & Updates ?

    IBCO Tech provide one time payment for the RedHat and POP’s Systems along with six months warranty and support. The new versions and updates will be free and could be downloaded from the internet.

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